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Merritt’s Mill Pond- Marianna, a Fantastic SCUBA Diving Site

For SCUBA divers and other lovers of the outdoors Merritt’s Mill Pond located in Jackson County near Marianna, Florida is an ideal destination. This 202 acre reservoir fed by several springs is an outdoor paradise for divers, swimmers, fishermen, boaters and paddlers. Fed primarily by Jackson Blue Spring, a first magnitude spring at the upper […]

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Inventor Alan Lupsha at work

SCUBA Diving Computer Expert Goes Hi Tech with Underwater Inventions

The work of SCUBA diving computer expert Alan Lupsha took the world record dive of Allen “The Grouper” Sherrod live around the globe with his ingenious underwater camera system that transmitted the video from beneath the waves and beamed it through the air for a worldwide internet broadcast. In September 2014 Allen Sherrod set the […]

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Live Underwater Broadcast System for the 2014 Guinness World Record Scuba Diving Event

For legal purposes: The live broadcast from the sea project was conceived by Alan Lupsha. I wrote all the software/code, Linux shell scripts, compiled all the VLC libraries from scratch, purchased all the equipment, installed all the networking equipment, antennas, cabling, integration, performed extensive troubleshooting, and operated and installed the underwater camera. My wife became friends […]

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Snorkelbuoy – Don’t Lose Your Mask!

Every now and then, we come across a new idea and think, “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?” The Snorkelbuoy® is one of those ideas; a compact, lightweight accessory that attaches to a snorkel and has enough buoyancy to float both a snorkel and mask in fresh or salt water. It’s a simple concept […]

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Grim Reaper Sign

Go No Farther Cave Diving Dangers Warning Video from ADM Exploration Foundation

The first recorded death of a diver in a water filled cave in the United States occurred in 1955 at Radium Springs in South Georgia. Since that time there have been over 300 recorded deaths of divers and even instructors in our beautiful underwater caves. The greatest contributing factor in these tragedies is lack of […]

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The First Step to Become a Better SCUBA Diver

We’ve all been on a boat or at a dive site and have heard somebody referred to as, “A good diver.” Good divers have confidence and ability. They are capable and prepared, with skills and experience to handle almost any situation underwater, while always seeming to have a good time on their dives. Most other […]

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Technical BCD is the Best Choice for Divers

With all the gear manufacturers and all the different models on the market, selecting the ideal BCD can be a daunting task. The choices are seemingly endless, with different styles, different features, and an array of attractive color schemes, but how do you know which one is right for you? And, after the choice is […]

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RB For Instructor Page

Is Your SCUBA Diving Tool Box Complete? Don’t Limit Yourself

I like wine and I’m often asked, “What type of wine do you drink?” My answer is, “I prefer reds but, I like them all and the type of wine I drink depends on the food and the occasion.” The same can be said for SCUBA diving equipment. I have several different types of gear […]

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