The International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers- IANTD is a recognized leader in SCUBA diving training and provides courses throughout the world, from entry level classes to the most advanced technical diving training. An IANTD certification card is validation that an individual diver has successfully completed the requirements of the curriculum and has met the standards of the certification level. IANTD certification cards are known worldwide and are displayed with pride by divers everywhere.

IANTD was founded in 1985 as the first training agency to issue Enriched Air Nitrox certifications and, over the years, has gone on to be the first agency to teach Trimix, Rebreather, and a variety of other advanced diving classes. Today, IANTD is a worldwide organization with licensees teaching an extensive curriculum covering all levels of diving. IANTD certification cards are presented at dive operations around the world on a daily basis and IANTD training is highly regarded. As IANTD courses have grown and evolved so have the certification cards issued to divers.

Effective January 1st 2017 IANTD World Headquarters released newly designed certification card templates for each level of IANTD training and all newly issued certification cards throughout the world will use the new design.

The cards feature the IANTD logo and are color-coded based on the type of certification, from Diver through Instructor Trainer. The new cards were created with IANTD's international reach in mind and were designed for universal appeal, making them acceptable in every market around the world. IANTD Chief Operating Office Luis Augusto Pedro says, “An IANTD card is an international card and it should be universally consistent.”

IANTD Divers and Instructors will enjoy the great looking new card design that is more resilient and more distinctive between certification levels. The standardized, universal design stands out and is easily recognized as an IANTD certification card proving a high level of training that is accepted anywhere in the world.

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