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An amazing dive light that doesn't require batteries!
Story by- Lureen Ferretti

After spending several days at DEMA 2017 in Orlando Florida, I was amazed at all of the new camera, video and underwater photography/videography products - great new gadgets - faster, smaller, additional functional.  But the most amazing product I saw at the show was the SWES D-1001 Dive Light.

It is THE FIRST and ONLY dive light that does not require batteries !  It processes minerals from the water to produce energy.  Can you imagine – no need to worry about the batteries draining during a dive, no need to open it to change batteries and best of all, no negative impact on the environment.  With an operating time of 2,300 hours if you dive an hour each dive (and have your light on the entire dive), it would last 2,300 dives.  How many years, other dive lights and batteries will it replace ?

The dive light is only one of many products they offer.  SWES Technology has a number of other products available utilizing this technology – a lifebuoy flashing LED light, a USB charger (many people at DEMA really appreciated that), live jacket safety flashing LED and a mooring LED light and more in development.  Other advancements to these products are also in the works (like fresh water application for cave dives).

I was so amazed at this technology, I visited the booth multiple times bringing others who had not seen it yet back with me.

My question is – what is in store for UW photography and videography ?

SWES Technology is the new kid on the block with an amazing future, check them out for yourself!    www.swesholdings.com

[box]Lureen Ferretti, is a wildlife photographer specializing in underwater imagery. As an avid scuba diver and ocean enthusiast, her goal is to educate the general public to motivate them to take action to protect the environment and all of the animals that depend on it. Education, conservation, and preservation are the highest priorities to Lureen. For more information, please contact Lureen at www.DeepWaterPics.com or by emailing PointyBitsAdventures@gmail.com[/box]

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