Tropical Seas- Reef Safe Protecting Our Environment for 30 Years

Tropical Seas- Reef Safe Protecting Our Environment for 30 Years

Tropical Seas - Reef Safe Sun Headquarters

Founded March 4, 1988 by Dan Knorr, Tropical Seas, Inc., has been producing high quality, environmentally friendly sun care products on a global level from their laboratory and manufacturing facility in Holly Hill, Florida for the past 30 years. Tropical Seas is not only in the business of protecting our bodies but they are also all about protecting our environment.

Dan Knorr is a pharmacist and chemist who takes pride in his work and wants the best for his customers. As a scuba diver, an angler, and avid saltwater aquarist he believes we all have a stake in being eco-friendly.

Tropical Seas - Reef Safe Sun Reception Area

In 1995, while on vacation in the Florida Keys, Dan observed the oil slick on the water from suntan products on swimmers. He coined the term “Valdez Effect” after the famous Alaskan oil spill. After vacation, he returned to his laboratory and set out to find a solution.

Dan Knorr's laboratory at Tropical Seas Reef Safe Sun Heaquarters

Dan began to seek eco-friendly raw materials for his formulations but quickly learned that few were available. His work was at the cutting edge of developing environmentally conscious sunscreens. He persevered and created the first line of environmentally friendly sun care products, which he aptly named Reef Safe Sun. The formulas have undergone extensive testing by independent laboratories, including the world renowned Mote Marine Laboratory. All Reef Safe Sun products are manufactured to FDA standards under strict laboratory controls to produce some of the finest sun care products in the world. Because of Dan’s work, the term reef safe has become synonymous with eco-friendly sunscreens.

Recently, I toured the impressive Tropical Seas facility and was given a complete understanding of the meticulous process of formulating and manufacturing these top quality products. Tropical Seas is based in a 20,000 square foot multi story building with offices, laboratory, and manufacturing all under one roof. It is a world-class operation that still retains the family touch.

Tropical Seas Reef Safe Sun Warehouse

Dan Knorr was kind enough to walk me through the entire process from the offices, to the shipping area and every step in between. The business operates under Federal FDA standards with product testing and strict quality control protocols in place. Raw materials are quarantined and tested before going into inventory. An extensive water purification system assures purity. The mixing and bottle filling areas are strictly managed as a sterile environment. Finished products are tested, with samples retained for re-testing over a period of years. Even the packaging is eco-friendly. Shipping cartons are all made from recycled materials and the bottles are made from 100% bio resin derived from

Tropical Seas Reef Safe Raw Materials Inspected

sugar cane. It is an impressive operation where the emphasis on quality is obvious. From the very professional offices to every step of the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping process the Tropical Seas headquarters was first class, well organized, and the attention to producing top of the line products was apparent at every level. I was shown the Standard Operating Procedures Manuals, the testing logs and all the myriad details that go into creating these high quality products and came away with a full understanding of the behind the scenes of real Reef Safe sun care.

All this was impressive but what impressed me even more is the amount of research, ingredient sourcing, and testing behind the Tropical Seas Reef Safe Sun products. The proprietary formulas and even the methods by which they are compounded were developed meticulously over time to be environmentally

Tropical Seas Reef Safe Bottling Line

friendly and reef safe. Each formula has been tested by independent laboratories and the company has spent many thousands of dollars on research and testing. These are proven formulas and learning more about Tropical Seas Reef Safe Sun products made me feel good about using them on my body and in the waters I so love.

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