Try Tech Gear Demo Day Events Offer SCUBA Diving Knowledge for All Divers

Try Tech Gear Demo Day Events Offer SCUBA Diving Knowledge for All Divers

The Florida Dive Connection team has launched a series of five Try Tech Gear Demo Day Events at key dive sites around the Southeast United States in 2018. These one-day events, scheduled on Saturdays, bring together a wide range of companies in the dive industry and allow divers of all levels to try out gear and gain knowledge. The first, very successful, event took place at Ginnie Springs near High Springs, Florida on February 3rd and will be followed up by an exciting Demo Day Event on April 7th at Blue Water Park in Pelham, Alabama. The remaining events are scheduled for June 2nd at Blue Heron Bridge in Riviera Beach, Florida, September 22nd at Lake Jocassee in Salem, South Carolina, and at Jackson Blue Spring in Marianna, Florida on November 3rd 2018. Visit the Try Tech Gear Website for details.

The Try Tech Gear Demo Day Events are open and inclusive gatherings with something for everybody from the new diver to the most experienced technical diver. With a variety of companies and dive industry professionals at each event, attendees can participate in clinics, learn about new gear, and try out equipment for themselves. These free events, scheduled at popular dive parks and sites, are convenient to a wide variety of divers to try out a range of equipment from masks and fins to top of the line dive lights and rebreathers. Try Tech Gear Demo Day Events are a great place for all divers to meet industry pros. and learn about some high quality dive gear.

Event sponsors include Tropical Seas Reef Safe Suncare, Underwater Light Dude, Deep 6 Expedition Dive Gear, Dive Soft / Liberty CCR, and Dive Gear Express. Along with these fine sponsors, exhibitors at the events include ScubaForce USA, Dive Rite, Golem Gear, KISS Rebreathers, Submerge Scooters, and more. Representatives from these companies are there to meet divers, answer questions, and demo their awesome gear. If you want to try out a new set of fins, a dive light, or dive a rebreather Try Tech Gear Demo Day Events are the place to be.

The Inaugural event at Ginnie Springs was a big success with over 100 attendees.  There were divers and industry insiders there sharing information and talking about the sport we love. Divers stayed busy all day demoing gear and only took breaks for the Neutral Buoyancy Clinic with “The Chairman,” Pete Murray of ScubaBoard and to enjoy the delicious lunch, complete with homemade chili, served by Chris Richardson of Deep 6 Expedition Dive Gear. Those who pre-registered by clicking the RSVP link on the event page at were given tickets for a drawing at the event. Lucky divers won a set of Dive Rite fins, a Dive Rite Reel, and a set of Deep 6 fins. On April 7th we move on to Blue Water Park in Pelham, Alabama for the second event and it promises to be even bigger and better.

Blue Water Park is a 26 acre flooded quarry located just south of Birmingham, Alabama in the town of Pelham. It is a full service dive park and an ideal training area for all levels of diving that draws divers from around the Southeast. The quarry has depths up to 140 feet and there are training platforms at various depths for use by instructors. With a fill station and dive shop on site Blue Water Park is a perfect location for a Try Tech Gear Demo Day Event. Attendees who preregister by clicking the RSVP link on the event page will receive tickets at the event for a chance to win high quality dive lights from Dive Gear Express, dive classes, and other prizes to be announced. Lunch will be provided by Chris Richardson of Deep 6 Expedition Dive Gear and there will be free clinics on sidemount diving, light repair, and line use. Blue Water Park is offering free Discover SCUBA Diving Experiences for non divers and School of SCUBA will provide Nitrox Certifications for only $99.00 sponsored by IANTD. The excitement is building for the April 7th event and we expect to see divers from several states there to enjoy the day.

Try Tech Gear Demo Day Events are organized and planned to welcome all divers and all dive businesses who are interested helping to educate people about our sport and share the excitement of SCUBA diving. For divers interested in advancing and becoming better divers learning about what is called  technical dive gear will answer questions and help them to understand the equipment, training, and techniques used by the best and most experienced divers in the world. We invite you to visit us at a Try Tech Gear Demo Day Event and find out what everybody is talking about!

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